Foxx Project Water Sensor on Amazon

If you look at the device handler for Xiaomi buttons you could copy the code over for the button into this device handler.

Thanks again for the heads up with these sensors.

Have mine working great as a dry contact sensor with a 24v sensor and relay.

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I use most of mine in this way… don’t think I’ve got one working as a leak sensor… :slight_smile:

Out of interest, what are you using it to control? And which sensor and relay did you use?

I’ve got a few of the Foxx sensors and am looking for some projects to play with. A couple of ideas:

I have some existing indoor alarm sensors that are part of a now-dormant home alarm system - they are still connected and indicate when they detect movement. Here’s one:

I was wondering if I could somehow utilize as a motion sensor and have it available in ST by using an adapted Foxx moisture sensor.

Also, I have a tumble drier that sits inside a cupboard. The drier is pwoered via a smart plug (so I know when its on). Since its a condensing drier, it needs air flow and basically stops working if the cupboard door is closed. I can use a contact sensor to notify when that happens (or even stop the drier) but I quite like the idea of having some sort of ST controlled electromagnet (or alternative) that “pushes” the door open if the tumble drier is on and the door has been closed for (say) >20 seconds.

Where would be the best place to start asking specific questions about those ideas?

My background is software, so I’m just getting into the electrics side of things - installing a few Dimmer 2’s has given me the confidence to spread my experience a bit :slight_smile:

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For the motion sensor…
You would need to know what output it has…
Some have a n/c or n/o dry contact… This would work with the water sensor cables
Some have a voltage across the output… to use the water sensor with this you would need to use a relay to switch the two wires.

For your dryer, you would need something to ‘push’ the door open
This could be controlled with webcore or a custom app

Have you looked at the wiki for projects?
Maybe someone has already done it


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I’m using this particular application to detect if the salt in my water softener is low. It then reports back to ST.

I have designed a custom HMI for my house in codesys (PLC software) running on a raspberry pi. All the device data from SmartThings is used in my application based on the Open Dash API.

See the link below to my project post:

I can design a status on one of my screens for the water softener based on this dry contact and alarm on my HMI/announce over LANNouncer when the salt is low. Here’s 2 pics of the sensor installed.

I suspect the output of that motion sensor has a 12v output that reports back to the original alarm panel.

Like Cobra says, if you can confirm this, you could just wire this to the A1 , A2 terminals of a simple relay and wire the NO output to your moisture sensors.

Thanks - i’ll find some time to have a look behind the sensor with my recently acquired multimeter.

If i don’t respond back to this thread within the next week or so, it was 240V and I’ve killed myself :open_mouth: