Foscams for video recording ever coming?

Hey guys,

I know ST hub 2.0 is decked out to do local video surveillance and such, I also know that ST isn’t charging customers for video surveillance until the end of this year to test the service out. Will foscam ever be supported? I remember support for it being announced ages ago and I’m still waiting. I don’t want the “trial period” to end before I can actually test it out.

I am currently running a PC in a back room for blue iris. This system works great, however it’s not very green running a machine 24/7 like this JUST for video. I know foscam offers their own service, but I really do not trust them with their history of hacks and I enjoy the whole “local recording” aspect of my system.

Any news on progress for foscams?

No chance, fwik…

That is such a shame if that turns out to be true. The fact that many third party wave devices are supported like outlets, sensors, ect. But a simple basic IP camera isn’t is beyond sad.

As if just giving ST access to the video stream would be enough. Thats all I have ever had to do with any video recording software on the market. “here is the username, password and video feed url. done”

I’m completely perplexed why it’s so difficult to add more?

It’ll be a joyous day if we get that integration - I’d hate to part with the 3 I already have in my home. Until then, it’s just loading TinyCam pro to monitor.

You mention you want local recording, I don’t think SmartThings will ever do this. The hub doesn’t have the storage and there is no where to plug in a drive so how would it accomplish this?

I think the ST hub 2.0 has support for live video and monitoring, not recording. This is just a matter of someone building the device type. Someone has a device type that takes a snapshot for use in dashboards which works OK but is not a real solution.

PS slightly costly but much more energy efficient and stable is grabbing a Synology NAS and using Surveillance Station for recording. Very powerful solution, works with Foscam and almost all other IP based cameras, and is very much set it and forget it.

Video streaming is supported for only a handful of whitelisted cameras. You cannot write a custom device type to support any other cameras.

You can do what some folks do and get a cheap Diskstation NAS and use their surveillance station software.

There’s an app for integration with ST that works relatively well, and it function as a standalone video surveillance system that records your terabytes of surveillance video but can alert you via ST when there’s motion, or trigger some other action.

The bad thing about them is that they have a bad and expensive licensing system for cameras. You get two free licenses when you buy a unit, but if you want to add cameras you have to buy a license for each one – to the tune of $40-50 per, so that can get pricey really quick.