Foscam viewer for Mac

Not smart things related but I know the folks in this community can answer this question better then anywhere else I can think of :slightly_smiling:

I am on a MacBook Pro trying to view my foscam camera’s

I have two models FI8910W and FI9826W

The FI8910W works fine viewing from chrome but the FI9826W only works from safari and that rarely works. I can’t get it to work at all today and I always have to connect, wait for failure to connect, force kill safari and connect again to make it work when it does. Today that isn’t even working.

Does anyone know of a good app that works with these camera’s ? There are so many in the app store and I don’t want to pay for one and find it doesn’t work. So far the free ones don’t seem to work for me.

Anyway I hope someone has a good solution. I would like something like blue iris which only runs in windows.

I personally love SecuritySpy by

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Cool I found that one and it had good ratings !

It is rock solid - I’ve used it for years. Enjoy!

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Wow expensive. $113.17 for 4 cameras, $226.35 8 camera’s +++ why charge per camera it’s not like they are cloud based or anything. The software is same regardless of # of camera’s. Also the software ties to the machine. Hmmm… need to think about that…

It only supports iPhone which I guess makes sense but I have a android. I have an android app I like already so maybe don’t care but for that price I would like the phone support.

Wow. Did I really pay that much years ago? I do remember the per-camera model, that was always the case. It may not be the right solution for all applications, but the program has served me well.

So you only paid once, that’s good. The site says guarantied updates for 6 months but they have only charged for upgrade twice which is really vague :slightly_smiling:

@Ron … For IOS, you can get liveCam For Android, you can use tinycam. Both have free version for you to try out before you decide to purchase the Pro version. I had both Pro version. Once a while tinycam Pro are onsale for 1/2 price.

@dchau11 thanks, I already use tinycam pro but it would not be able to access the “recorded” videos created by SecuritySpy. I assume SecuritySpy’s iPhone interface can. Since they don’t have an android app I am paying a premium for features I will not be able to use. I would be better off using blue iris and find a windows machine or run a vm or something.

What I am really looking for is a way to view my foscam’s on a mac live. The web interface the products provide doesn’t work in chrome and as I mentioned in my original post fails most of the time in safari. Actually I have not been able to get it to work for several days in Safari, not sure why.

I think I understand why I am having issues now. certificate isn’t valid anymore.

@Ron… For me, I use Safari and login directly to my FI9821W-v2. I used HTTP with different port. I have not tried with HTTPS yet.

You do this for remote viewing ? When you say directly do you mean using the lan port ? I am connecting from outside and using the to manage dynamic ip address. Chrome doesn’t work, not supported, Safari works one time in 5 the other 5 it freezes up safari and it must be killed.

@Ron… Yes, I login from remote or locally with my own domain name using Safari. Foscam has its own build-in ipcam client, but of course, it will ask to install the plugin when I first login the camera.