Best foscam camera? (and best supported)

I want to ask the guys here who own a foscam or have tried many of them wich one they would recomend, im thinking in a foscam FI8909W, looks pretty nice but I’m worried about connectivity issues.

I too would be interested in the best camera for quality of picture (low light) and support by ST. Want to add one (of many) to ActiON but not sure where to invest as there are so many people using different brands.

I’ve got the following Foscams; FI9804W’s,FI8910W, and a FI8909W. For the price they really aren’t bad IMHO. It just depends on what you want them to do. My FI9804’s are outside to monitor my front and back patios. They give pretty good image quality at 720P day and night. The FI8910 is setup to monitor my garage and it’s nice that I can remote in and tilt or pan the cam if I want. The image quality is OK in the day light, similar to old convenience store footage from an episode of COPS. Slightly better at night using the IR. The FI8909 is located in my living room roughly 10’ up and does OK with motion in the daytime. Can pick up an 8lbs cat moving 25’ away in the room. I would say day light images are very close to the FI8910, but night would be the worst of the bunch. If you want some sample images let me know and I can send some your way.
To my knowledge, no Foscam has official support for/from ST.
It took a little work but all of these cams work with the ActiON Dashboard.

Same here, want to use them with actiON

get non HD cameras if you want them to integrate most easily with actiON, with the HD cams you need to set up a second MJPEG stream if you want to stream them. also if you’re mainly going to use it with the dashboard you don’t need the better HD resolution

Can you send me some sample photos from the FI8909W? i think thats the one i will be getting