Amcrest 1080p IP security camera $64.90 Ebay (plus 10x ebay bucks for some YMMV)

The listing says it is New, not refurbished, full 1-year warranty. I currently have 10x Ebay bucks back until tonight, cutting another $6.50 off the cost, down to $57.50 per camera, which is definitely the best price I’ve gotten on these cameras (I have 5).

This is a much lower price than the Amazon listing:

Here are a couple of other threads about this camera.

No integration with ST I assume?

Never Ass-U-Me . Just do a quick search for Foscam and you will find a bunch of DTH from different codeslingers.

Thanks for the link. Just order one myself.

Okay I guess I deserve that :slight_smile:

Although to be honest I did search several times, just never found the right thread I guess.

I’ll look again :slight_smile:

BTW - is this the same as a Foscam?

Yes AmCrest is Foscam, changed the name a year or 2 ago.

try this

Technically speaking, my understanding is that Foscam US became Amcrest about 18 months ago. They stopped selling Foscam cameras and started selling re-branded Dahua cameras.

Foscam US was never Foscam the OEM camera maker, AFAIK.

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No. They are not the same as Foscam cameras. They are re-branded Dahua cameras.

Any idea what are these FDT cameras that they were promoting in one of their last email “spam”? It wasn’t the last, the one before it, from March 03. I got that email from both “Foscam” and “Amcrest” as usual.

Also I have a question, if somebody can answer me - is there an Android app that can show both Foscam and Amcrest cameras? It is kind of confusing now - I have the old Foscam Viewer, the new Foscam, the Amcrest Cloud and Amcrest View Pro. My Foscam camera is added to the Amcrest Cloud app, but I can’t add the Amcrest camera there because for free they only allow one camera. The Foscam is also added to the Foscam app. The Amcrest is added to the Amcrest View Pro app. The Foscam is model FI9821W V2 and the Amcrest is IPM-721S.

I would give TinyCam a try. I am not sure what the limitations are with the free version, but it supports many camera manufacturers.

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Not sure if legitimate seller or not but it’s available on 36.99$