Amcrest ProHD $85 ip camera new amazon prime

$85 is the lowest price on this camera I’ve seen in a number of months (recently was going for $110 on Amazon.

I posted a deal a few weeks ago for refurbished models on ebay that were going for $79 and I offered and got accepted at about $75. See that post for details on the community device handler for ST integration.

I have 6 of these cameras and have been pretty happy with their options/performance.

Have to wonder about the 3rd party seller that has them for $2.57, with free Intl shipping

Ha! I didn’t even notice that one. I think I’ll stick with the believable price sellers.

I’m super tempted at $2.57, but I guess they could be hacked…

Today only… $60
Promo code: ELGLKB6J

It’s not 1080p but it has a 140° field of view … I will be using this outdoors for my garage entrance.

140° field of view of awesome.

New seller, no profile, they also have nest and nest outdoor cams for $2 each. I wasted $13 in Amazon GC and bought 2 Ring Pro, 2 Nest and 2 Nest outdoor LOL. I expect the cancelation email tomorrow morning

I guess it depends on your need. The 960p sounds like not much less than 1080p but it’s a little misleading because the horizontal resolution is only 1280 pixels versus 1920 on the ProHD camera.

The only thing I’d point out about a wider field of view with a lower resolution is that the level of detail you’ll get in the image for small things (someone’s face or license plate, etc.) will be less, unless the item of interest gets very close to the camera. My justification for 1080p is that if I ever need to identify someone/something, I’m going to be unhappy if there’s not enough detail but a higher resolution such as 1080p might have shown it. Also, the ProHD can be set up to pan/tilt when motion is detected in certain areas.


I cancel my order because its for outdoor use and I would get something with better resolution.

I can get cheaper camera for Indoor use.

I don’t if I can use this camera with the PROHD DH.

did they cancel yet?

Haven’t gotten email yet, still " preparing for shipment " Delivery Nov 10. If they do ship for $2 each, I’m going back and ordering 100 more of them LOL

let us know! LOL

I’ll give everybody in forum their choice of Nest cam or Ring Pro for Christmas. :santa:

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Ha ha, this is so much more exciting to follow than regular camera shipments. :slight_smile:

Looks that way.

There were some refurbished Foscams for pretty cheap last week. They look to be out of stock now. Not the same specs though.

I’ve got a couple of the 8910s,I got on sale when they first came out sitting in boxes. For whatever reason I could never get them to actually work right in anything other than the POS Foscam app, so they were useless to me.

I would have to open the Foscam app first access the cams, then I could access them with TinyCam pro, IP Viewer or with IE, otherwise I would get audio and no video.

Good to know! I have HIKVisions outside. I just want a couple P&T’s for light duty indoor use, so I was looking at those. I might buy a couple super Chinese cameras to toy around with. . . .

I’ve used the ProHD with TinyCam on Android, which was cool because it can cast to a ChromeCast, but the quality and frame rate seemed less than I get when using the Amcrest app, which seems to work well on my android phones and tablets, and also an iPhone 6.

Thank you Oprah…

can i get both?