Foscam FI9831P V2

Hello, I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have been trying every code in github I can find on this forum and in every where else google would take me. My problem is that I am not a coder and I am lost at this point.

I can get a video via the Foscam iPhone app and web browser, but when I use this “Foscam Universal” code I found on this forum (Foscam Universal Internal Device Type (HD\Non-HD with Alarm\LED\PTZ Control)), it seems like it works. I can not get an image and the HD option switch will not stay on.

Does anyone have any suggestions? If there is any thing I need to let you know to figure out an answer, please let me know.


you might want to try posting your issue to the thread you linked to

Also there is a donate link @ the top of the thread, using it also helps.