FortrezZ Water Meter DTH (redone for the new mobile app UI) (2021)

There are a couple topics in the community already about this device, but since this is a new DTH that supports the new mobile app UI and platform, I thought it was appropriate to have a new topic.


Dashboard tile examples showing current state of flow in gpm:
image image

Detailed view with some new attributes that were not included in FortrezZ’s version of the Classic DTH (but were in mine):

Available settings: (detail below)

DTH Code:


  • This DTH supports the new mobile app UI and platform. That means some capabilities from Classic, like image captures/toggling for daily, weekly, or monthly chart images pulled from FortrezZ server are not here, nor supported. Also, some custom attributes and commands that were available in Classic are also not in this DTH.
  • DTH still supports the power source capability, which means you can monitor and be alerted if your power source changes, or you lose power. It works the same as it did with the Classic version of this DTH.
  • This DTH does NOT include the ability to post data to the FortrezZ externally hosted server. While it is possible to still access their server on your own, and potentially pull charts directly off their server, I did not include sending data because I have no idea what their support model is for that long term, plus every year they let the cert expire and things break.
  • This DTH still includes FortrezZ’s old custom attributes that are needed if you use any of their legacy SmartApps. Please note however that support for their SmartApps is non-existent. It also still uses the Energy and Power capabilities for other SmartApps capable of including “metering” devices in their app.
  • This DTH (as did my older one for Classic) includes the settings “Reporting Rate Threshhold” for how often the meter reports while water is flowing, and “High Flow Rate Threshhold”. Make sure to set those up in this version of the DTH after installing. I will clean up that code in the next release.
  • The ability to reset the meter still exists. This can be done with any SmartApp or webCore that can send reset() to the device. I can practically ensure you’ll want to do this if you never have. You’ll see why when you use this the first time.
  • You don’t need to delete/exclude the meter from SmartThings first. You can replace your existing DTH with this one, but just make sure to go into Settings and clean things up and set things up.
  • And lastly, I’ve got some more work to do in terms of cleaning up the code, so please excuse the mess. I’ll post updates to this topic as changes are made, as well as logging them in the DTH.

Attribute Notes:

  • Water Flow Rate. Current state of water flow through your meter.
  • Gallons Last Used. Self explanatory.
  • Total Gallons Used. This value is since your last reset. If you’ve never done a reset, this will be large.
  • Highest Water Flow Rate. This value clears when you reset.
  • Highest Gallons Used. This value clears when you reset.
  • Water Sensor. Used for legacy FortrezZ SmartApps.
  • Temperature, Battery, Power Source. Self explanatory and same as before.

*** Because of the new app and UI, you MAY need to force close the app and clear the app’s data cache ***

Also, here are some updates to FortrezZ’s SmartApps if you decide to use those:

Parent: (Save and Publish)

Child: (just Save)

If you want a SmartApp to reset this meter (or any other meter supporting the reset command), you can try this one:


Great work, going to buy one of these and have a plumber install it

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Thanks @mvevitsis. I’ve got just a little cleanup to do, mainly with preferences. I’ll get to that next weekend if all goes well.

Unfortunately I am still not able to use the fortrezz water meter as before with the new smartthings app.

Any help would be appreciated. Or step by step guide. I tried to update my handler with the link but not sure what else needs to be done. It did not help. Only thing I am getting is wattage used and temperature.

That means you need to force close the app and clear out the ST app’s cache. I would highly recommend switching back to the old DTH, then doing the force close clear cache step, and then switch to the new DTH. You may need to do this more than once.

Hi @lucy,

I’m replying to your question here vs the other thread so I can keep questions and feedback consolidated as best I can in this topic.

Please go into Settings for the device and enable debug logging, set reporting threshold to 1 (my recommendation), and then set high flow rate to whatever value you want. That should get you going.

If not, perform live logging in the IDE and see what errors the device throws out.

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