FortrezZ MIMO2+ Has anyone been able to migrate the DTH to work in the new App?

I have had no luck so far with the new App. FortrezZ seemed to have created DTH’s that work with the new App, but barely. And I cant get the second contact and relay to show up. Followed the directions they have at for the MIMO2+. Downloaded the two DTH’s and the App by the directions:

With the old app and using the DTH’s from about 3 years ago, made a few color and icon changes and got a nice working water valve and drain valve setup. With the new App you can see how far I got by the pics below.

Anyone have better success they can share?

Old App looks, and works, flawlessly:

New App, not so good…

Hi @Levahj,

FortrezZ’s DTH is going to have to be seriously looked at by their developer.

I don’t have one of these devices, but a new DTH can be pulled together that uses parent/child device relationships better than their original code and perhaps eliminate the need for a SmartApp to be in the middle of things. There are custom attributes used, so there’s work to be done there as well for the new app.

Hi @Levahj, Did you see the developer’s comments to you on Github?

Hi @johnconstantelo,

Thanks for the replies! I did see the reply from the developer. I also reached out to him on LinkedIn and appreciated him getting back to me so quickly. He evidently was a consultant for FortrezZ back a few years ago when he wrote the first Groovy DTH’s and the App but has been out of any SmartThings coding for years now.

I will reach out to FortrezZ directly on their support email and see if they have any plans on hiring anyone to put together a new DTH for the new Connect App. Having run small tech companies before I can understand that the cost in hiring a software consultant is not cheap and I just dont know if they sell enough of these MIMO’s to make it worth it but they have to do something or it is just going to kill all sales. My application of using it for the water main as well as to drain the houses water (up in mountains in winter when we are not there) is a important function for me.

I am not a programmer at all. Just enough to change colors and icons in Groovy but with this new Connect app and with the old DTH’s, I am lost. There is so much buzz in the Community now about this transition. Can you give me your insight on when/if we will every be able to have a somewhat custom DTH coding available for the new app?

Do you know of anyone in the ‘Hobby’ that might be interested in writing a new DTH for me . To get paid, of course. :slight_smile: I would think that with the head start of already having some working code written if you knew what you were doing (which I don’t LOL) It would not be too hard to figure out?

I am also happy to contribute towards the cost of the new DTH.

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I’m hoping someone comes up with a fix for this, would gladly pay for it to work as well on the Mimo2+. I bought everything before the update, but was too busy to install it at a rental property. I have 3 Samsung Hubs one for each unit, and now an Aeotec Smartthings Hub that was going to be for the common area gate and front entrance.