FortrezZ Water Flow Meter

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Looks like 3 different water meters based upon the unique device ID strings?

Try setting your flow rate in the device’s setting from 1 to 6 (FortrezZ’s default). That will cause it to report every minute vs every 10 seconds.

I have FortrezZ water meter working (setup with your help:) ) so everything was ok until last week (that is new smarthing app ) they update that app looks different better but no action at all with water on is only Zero’s no live logging on IDE

Then I see your new code I put new code on IDE but nothing change then I delete smart app on iPhone but now I cant see those apps on phone I cant add smartapp from here they not here


Since you updated to the newest device handler, make sure to go into settings and set all the values.

The newest ST app for iPhone is having some issues right now. Check some of the community posts:

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Thank you very much now I can see apps on my phone :slight_smile:

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johnconstanteloCommunity Master

You have the order correct with regards to deleting the child “rules” in the mobile app, and then the parent; and then removing the child smartapp and then the parent from the IDE (ST website).

Hi Im trying delete child and parent smartapp from IDE but got that msg:
“This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users”
Im only user so what is wrong ?


You can’t delete the apps from the IDE until you first remove them via the mobile app. Once you do that you can go to the IDE and permanently delete them.

Thank you I did delete in phone will try again:)
one more thing, do I need all those first 4 apps?

I don’t know what’s wrong I delete apps from phone and still cant delete from IDE :frowning: I even delete smartthing app from my phone still cant delete from IDE
Please help!

That depends if you ever want to install and use those apps again (via your mobile phone). I do not use FortrezZ’s consumption metering apps, so I can’t say what they do and if you find any value in them.

Deleting the ST app from your phone won’t do anything for you but cause you more work to set things back up again. I don’t recommend doing that again.

Look in the IDE and go to the device. What SmartApps are listed under “In Use By”? It should look like this:


If there is nothing there, then the only thing you can do is email support and have them delete those app for you. The other thing you can try is deleting/excluding the meter from ST and then trying to delete the smartapps.

Finally I delete smartapps from IDE and using your codes I install smart apps and device handler, then install Parent and Child in iPhone, only parent show but is no water flow is always 0 gpm

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Please help:)

Only a Parent app will show up in the mobile app (as long as you did not publish the child). The parent calls the child with the way FortrezZ wrote their apps. This is common practice with ST and SmartApps.

What device settings did you configure for the meter (not in the SmartApp)? What is the meter’s reporting rate threshold set to?

Your live logging isn’t doing anything because you’re not running water through your meter perhaps? Did you enable debug logging in the device’s settings?

Water is running through meter, all was working before in old app and yes logging is enable .
Reporting rate threshold set to 1 and 7
Settings for meter in IDE see picture


Can you please watch Live Logging while water is running and let me know what it’s reporting? It should look like this:


Nothing is goin on but I can see in iphone appAC power battery % so I think Im conected by FMI to the meter?

Something isn’t right. Live logging must show events coming from the meter when water is flowing.

I’m looking back at the images you’ve provided, and something isn’t right.

What changed from this one:

to this one:

In the first image, it looks normal and the meter variables have data, which means it’s communicating to ST and working. Even your image below shows me it was working because the variables in the Current States section have real values:


This historical values you can see from the images above from the IDE and your mobile app don’t align with your latest image from your mobile app in your last post. Did you reset the meter or remove it and add it back to ST?

Yes I did exclusion FMI from network because app never show Water Flow Rate was always 0
Maybe I need do everything again delete apps on iPhone then IDE put codes again ?

You don’t need to remove the DTH from the IDE. Just exclude the FMI and rejoin it to your hub. It may take several seconds, but it will recognize that you have the DTH installed. Just remember to go back into device settings and set your flow rates.

If for some reason it just joins as a Thing, just edit the device in the IDE to change the Type field to your DTH. You may need to force close the app and clear the cache again.