Fortrezz Siren?


I have a Fortrezz Siren connected to ST.
From the device screen I can run only light or light with siren.
I would like to start only light alarm at some condition and light with alarm at other condition.
I had thought that it could be done through Rule machine. However, I could not find siren option in rule machine.

How can I start only light alarm at a specific condition ?


I can’t find sirens in Rule machine.
And in CoRE there is only one option to start siren. It is firing audio and light alarm at the same time.
How can I add “only light” alarm ?


I suggest you ask the question about core in the core peer assistance thread. That’s where you will get your quickest answer. :sunglasses:

thanks. but I am not asking specific to CoRE.
In any case I will write to that thread.

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