Fortrezz Alarm/Strobe: Have only the strobe on when ARMED?

I would like to use my Fortrezz strobe/alarm in my workshop. I’d like it to strobe with no alarm when armed, and then, of course, use the siren when tripped. When disarmed, I would like the whole thing to be off.

The SMH allows you to select both lights and sirens separately, but as I understand, the DH for the Fortrezz sets BOTH on when used as a light (via the switch capability).

If I modify the DH to only use the strobe via the SWITCH capability, would this work? Would the siren still be tripped in via the SHM? (I would use a routine to set the arming mode, and have that mode turn on the strobe/switch).

I did this with CoRE, Create a piston to set the alarm to strobe when armed.