Specific problem with CoRE - Fortrezz siren


Since I can’t receive any response on main CoRE thread, I am trying my chance on a new specific one.

“Strobe” and “Siren” actions for my Fortrezz Siren works but “Stop” action does not work.
It should stop the ongoing siren/strobe when called , right ?

If I set a “strobe” action to a “then” clause it works.
But if Ichange it to “stop” action it does not stop theongoing “strobe”

I tested this with a simple Do piston.
when I simulate, it says “Preventing execution of command [siren].alarm.off because current value is the same”

why it sees the alarm as “off” I don’t understand.
any ideas ?

“CoRE probably can’t see the current state of the siren”
why might that happen ?