FortrezZ MIMO2+ Reset command!

Hi Everyone, Would appreciate any help adding a reset command for the FortrezZ MIMO2+ in the device handler on a daily regular basis to make this device’s input function well as it turns out the inputs doesn’t respond after three or four days after switching it ON, I have it successfully connected to my Vivint alarm sky panel and whenever a fire or burglary happened the smartthings app send me a notification in a second, The only problem is that the FortrezZ MIMO2+ gets frozen after three or four days and once I restarted the power it returns responding normally… PLEASE HELP.

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Hi @Tryingtofollow,

I recommend reaching out to FortrezZ’s support. As far as I know there’s no “reset” that does what you’d like it to do.

I’ve noticed the same thing happens to my MIMOLite’s, and when I contacted support i was told I needed a firmware update. Unfortunately that didn’t help. I have 2 MIMOLites. and both exhibit this behavior.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with ST, the device, or something else; but something isn’t right. I even replaced power supplies, and that didn’t help. My workaround for one MIMOLite device was to replace it with the Linear garage door opener (I’ve had zero problems since then). The other MIMOLite is on an Iris smartplug, and I power cycle it every day at midnight. It’s not ideal, but I don’t have a good replacement solution in place yet - but I will eventually.

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OI Sorry to hear this. I have one Mimo lite that I use for the input. I do not use the relay function.

As a bonus it reports any power outages.

But I have never had the problems you mentioned.

I did send it back once to get it’s firmware updated.

In the location where I am using it for detecting the input I needed 2 relays, since the mimolite only has one I bought 2 relays.

However I have had a relay somewhere else have a hardware failure so maybe I may take one of the relays for that and use the built in relay of the mimolite.

Do you think i might get lockups if I use both the input and then now plus the relay side?

MIMO2+ is completely different than the MIMO lite! The two inputs currently connected to different outputs of Vivint Alarm skypanel, One to report file alert and the second to report burglar alert, it’s amazing but not safe, I know it’s mentioned somewhere in the manual from Fortrezz that we should not use their device for security purposes which I think it’s ridiculous because it’s working in the digital world where there is either 1 or 0 not -
I sent their support a message hoping they will get back to me with a solution soon, Currently I made a timer which restarts the MIMO2 once s day, but still not 100% convinced it’s the best option.

They are different, we know that. We’re just passing along our experience with their products.

I would bet though that the “guts” of the MIMO2+ are the same components of the MIMOLite, just times 2…

Some time has passed since the original posts. Were you able to get the MIMO2+ working with the Vivint Sky Panel without the need to power cycle it?

Also, can you share how you setup the Sky Panel to activate the relays for burglar and fire alarms?

My use-case is to use the relays for burglar and fire alarms to trigger scenes on my Lutron RadioRA 2 system via contact closure inputs on the Visor Control.