Mimolite works, then goes offline after a few days until power cycle?

I have 2 mimolite devices that every few days, they lose connection and status updates until I power cycle them. Anyone else have this problem?


Yup, and I have emailed FortrezZ support about this. The only answer I got was potentially a power supply issue. You might want to also contact their support email. Depending on how old your MIMOLite is, there may be a firmware update available; but you need to send it to them.

The workaround I’m using (until I can get to trying a different power source to validate what they’re saying) is using a couple Smart Plugs on each and then running a Smart Lighting automation to power cycle the Mimolites every night.

Thanks, I am going to use your idea on the power cycle. As simple as it is, I never even thought about it.


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