Mimo2+ Help: Device is not responsive

Hi all,
I recently bought a MIMO2+ to use the 2 relays as dry contact switches.
I am experiencing massive problems with the device, as in the device does not do anything.

What I have done so far:

  1. Created the device handlers by copying FrotrezZ device handlers from their GitHub repository (both A and B).
  2. Copied the FrotrezZ smartapp to enable B-side
  3. Added the device to the Hub and set device type accordingly.


  1. In the ‘Things’ tab in the classic app, when I set the relay to turn off nothing happens. The relay is reporting to be ON permanently.
    • When issuing the on / off commands, I hear no clicking sound from the relay nor I see the relay LEDS turn on.
    • Connected it to a device I wished to control and it did nothing.


  1. The device is on (I see the on light).
  2. The device in the network - Deleted it and added it back twice, so the Hub sees it.
  3. My Z-wave network is working, I can control other Z-wave devices
  4. The Rel1 and Rel2 LEDs never turn on
  5. I did not damage the device by connecting the relay outputs to the mains or anything of the sort.
  6. If I press the PRG button, the status light blinks red twice.

Not sure what to do at this point. I wonder if I got a defective device.
I was meaning to call FortrezZ today, but did not have time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Called technical support. They believe I got a defective unit, so I am returning it and getting a new one.