Fortrez Watercop constantly opening closing on its own


The smartthings transition has been painful…

I already have the CT100 thermostat problem described elsewhere that keeps resetting the temp after being set which has been logged as a bug with samsung.

Now my main water is getting cut on and off.

It randomly closes, and if I open it, between 1 and 10 minutes later it closes again. or the reverse where it suddenly opens. It’s not hooked up to any moisture detectors and has no routines attached to control it. I have no issues excluding/adding the Watercop to smart things with the fortrez driver, and switching it to a generic zwave valve driver has the same issue.

[Edit: I should add it doesn’t do it when not connected to smartthings so it’s not faulty on its own]

Anyone else having this issue or have suggestions?

Thank you.

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It sounds like your valve is actually cycling, not just reporting open/closed incorrectly - is that right? If it’s just the status displayed in ST, it sounds like this issue:

Yes I should have mentioned that. It’s not a reporting issue and actually turning off the water which is quite noticeable :slight_smile:

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