Is My ST Hub is Haunted?

Problems started late this morning when my main water valve was being closed by my Econet water valve. I opened it up but a few minutes later it closed again. Shortly thereafter I get a message my garage was opened. I closed it but later that afternoon it opened two more times. Then… I get a message from ST my freezer temperture was rising (said it was 0c) . I looked at my z-wave thermometer and it showed it was at -13.2c . My first eaction was, “I have been hacked”. I rebooted my hub and soon as it came online my watervalve closed again. I repeated the reboot and each time it came back online the valve closed. After several reboots the valve started to behave and no longer closed after the reboot. All seems ok for now but having my garage opening on its own seems troubling.

For the record, these problems occurred today between 11:30AM amnd 3:30 PM EST. Each device that “misbehaved” were z-wave devices

Any one else experience any unusual behaviour today?

What do the logs say? The actions could be normal depending on what automations you have setup.

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Well I have no automations for opening my garage door nor my water valve.

I thought I was making proge=ress but all heck broke lose now. Zwave switches coming on/off. Every zwave outlet was on. None of my wifi or zgbee devices are acting up.

I’ll try a zwave repair and see if that does anything. If that fails I will have to shut it all down

The classic app loads fine. The new app does not :frowning: It never rains, it pours

There were platform problems today, that may have been it. contact support, and they can take a look.

Monitoring - Beginning around 5:27pm ET, some North American users may have experienced issues with device control and navigating the Classic and new SmartThings apps. These issues have been resolved, but we are continuing to monitor and will provide updates as available.


That must have been it. What scares me is that everyone of my zwave switches was turned on/off. :frowning:

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I had something like this a few times in the last few weeks but it was just with one particular light which would turn on and off randomly in the evening.

Never really figured out the cause but having added a few fibaro modules to my setup recently and researching on here I ended up moving my hub to a more central location in the house and then resolving all the issues showing when I did a z wave repair to clean up my mesh.

Hasn’t happened since but hasn’t been long so I’m keeping an eye on it…

I thought last nights “fix” by ST Support solved my problem. No so…
I moved all the culprit devices to one room so I could keep a closer eye on them. It seemed that any zwave device event caused them ALL to turn on. No idea why devices already on didnt turn off.
For example, I would open any door equipped with a zwave open/close sensor. Much to my amazement, all the culprit devices would turn on. It wasnt just open/close sensors/ I turned on my Water Valve and all the switches would come on. Just when I believed I could duplicate the problem, everthing worked without fault. Then… bingo. One or more of the culprit switches would turn on. Totally inconsistent…

I removed all smartapps (most have been in place for years without any recent modifications) from each of the devices and for the last hour or so I have not been able to duplicate the problem. It makes no sense. Some or most of the smartapps have no relationship with other devices. For example, turning on the water valve should not open my garage door :frowning:

This is very frustrating because I cant duplicvate the problem.

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FOUND IT!!! The culprit was an Aeon Labs Motion Sensor 6. It took a long time to isolate this problem but eventually I found that each time a motion was detected by this device EVERY z-wave switch device turned on/off. The only smartapp tied to this sensor was one smart lighting routine to turn on a basement light.

I ended up excluding it from ST which solved my problem. I tried a factory reset and then re-include it. It fails to be included. Including it with my trashcan worked though :frowning:

If you are using custom device handlers for it… you may need to login to IDE and publish the device handler again. Then exclude and try to pair the device again. There is a known issue where device handlers become stale and prevent those devices from being paired.

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Well, you are definitely on to something. I retrieved the sensor from my trash can and deleted all the possible handlers for this device. I was successful for all but one. ST tells me the handler is still being used however looking at the IDE Device list, it does not show up as a “Type” for any of my devices. I tried modifying/saving and publishing this DH but the sensor appeared not to get (re)included into ST (the LED on sensor itself always indicated it was added to a network)

Because I could not delete this DH I decided to delete ALL the code, save and publish this blank DH file. VOILA… Suddenly the sensor was included into ST and was assigned a default ST DH. . Now we’ll have to wait and see if after all this the sensor will ‘behave’ :wink:

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