Reuse Existing External siren?

(Grant Konrade) #1

Hi, everyone. When I built my house we had a alarm company come install a wired alarm system in 2007. We upgraded to smartthings last May. I have been trying to remove our old sensors from the old alarm system, but I have found it hard, because my house is well over 5,000 sq and the wires are in the walls. I’ve been wanting a outside siren, my old alarm system has a siren and strobe. Is it possible I could hook the siren and strobe up to my smartthings system through a smart outlet? My old system has a panel that is connected to a battery, then its get AC power through a wall outlet, any suggestions?

(Robin) #2

You’ll need to know the constant power supply voltage AND the trigger / reset voltages.

Constant power should be the easy part (doesn’t need to be smart)

Trigger / reset is unlikely to be mains voltage and will therefore need to be toggled using a smart relay rather than the regular smart outlet you mentioned.

You’ll need to get out the multi-meter and figure out how it works before you can integrate it.