Fortezze MIMOlite suggestions for use

I have an ekstra MIMOlite and i dont know what i can use it for (i already set up one for my garage)
So any tips for some cool automation would be appreciated.


I use mine for my fireplace. I have a gas fireplace. the wall switch is only low voltage…no AC power, so a Z-wave switch would not work there. There is no AC power under my fireplace (should be but isn’t). There is a wall outlet nearby so the MIMOLite’s plug-in adapter is very handy.

Once wired up, I use this simple trigger (Rule Machine) to “sync” the wall switch so that I have automation, remote, and physical control.

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I use mine to intercept my doorbell, and then notify my phone (keeps my dog from barking at the door). With repeated presses, the MIMOlite will pass the signal through to the doorbell buzzer.

A sometimes-silent doorbell

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I use one for actuating a motorized water valve. While the device handler has changed a ton since this post, here’s more info:

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Anybody else have som tips or ideas?