Mimolite app

I am integrating a mimolite to control a booster fan for my hvac system. Essentially using the 120volt fan motor in my air handler to trigger an event that turns on an auxilliary fan. I have a 120 vac to 12vdc converter to feed the mimolite. When the fan motor comes on, it feeds the minolite 12 vds at the input. This should trigger the relay (or in my case, a zwave event). fortezZ says:

"The MIMOlite can be configured to automatically turn the relay on when the input is triggered. The Configuration Command Class, Parameter 3, is used to set this mapping. When this mapping is enabled, Z-WaveTM commands to set a relay are overridden. The default for the relay is no input-to-relay mappings.

Parameter 3, SIG1 to RELAY1 mapping, is enabled by setting Bit 0 in the parameter value field and disabled by clearing the same bit."

Can anyone help me with this?