Former ROGERS Smart Home sensors

Rogers Smart Home sensors left behind from a cancelled service. They remove the Technicolor controller/tablet. Will those devices work with a Smart Things hub?

Maybe? Looking at the Rogers site they do list some zwave devices (Yale locks) so they may be zwave devices. I would not count on that though. Could also be a proprietary format that is encoded to only work with Rogers.

I would guess that the motion and contact sensors will most likely only work with Rogers.

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I believe these are the same icontrol zigbee sensors as Xfinity Home, in which case they unfortunately use a proprietary zigbee which is not compatible with SmartThings.

But you can try resetting them and see if they’ll pair and then go from there. If you can look on the back of the sensor and give us the exact model number we might be able to say more. (The label might also be inside the battery compartment.)



(btw, as you can see from the open Home link above, the Yale door lock that Rogers uses is the zigbee model, not the zwave. Same case, different RF module. )

The door switches are SMCDW01-Z
Have not opened up the motion or break glass sensors.

These will not work. Sorry!

OK, so why is it that they will not work?

Short answer is that it is a proprietary zigbee implementation. They can only communicate with the devices designed to work with them.

The link to Xfinity home talks about how the hub sees the devices, but are unable to communicate with them.