For Sale: Yale Assure Lock YRD446ZW2619 with Z-Wave Network Module $140 (USED)

I’m selling a Yale Assure Lock YRD446ZW2619 for $140, which goes for $218 on Amazon

I hope this is an okay place to post this. I saw some other For Sale items in the forum.

I just bought this second hand YRD446 Yale from Ebay only to find out that my apartment door’s lock bore hole is 1 1/2" rather than the updated standard 2 1/8". I’ve tested it out and is working perfectly with RBoy’s Apps. It has Bluetooth & and the Z-Wave network module.

This is the official product site:

And the manual :,%20426,%20416)/Documents/YRL_KFTSINSTL_FUL%20Rev%20F_WEB_zwp_zb_aaqsg.pdf

NOTE: It’s missing one machine screw (check the manual) but you can get it for pennies at Home Depot and doesn’t have it’s original packaging. There are some tiny scratches on the lock but no scratches on the keypad.

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I’m interested, do you have any pictures?

Sure! I’ll post them tonight when I get a chance.

Here you go! I tried to angle the lighting so it’d be easier to see where the scratches are.