For Sale - SmartThings Motion Sensor

I have a 75 pound dog, but use several motion sensors as touchless switches.

The first one I just put in an insulated Bento box and had it face up on the shelf. It can be triggered with an intentional hand wave, but no one, including the dog, triggers it just walking past. :sunglasses::dog:

I have another one on the nightstand facing the bed. Again, it is used only as an intentional trigger. As I get out of bed if I wave an arm over it, it triggers. But the dog does not trigger it because of its position.

@Mike_Maxwell uses some of his embedded in a door frame or wall at about a person’s shoulder height with a tube on it to significantly narrow the field of detection. That way an adult walking past it will trigger it, but the pets will not.

So there are several ways to use them if you are interested in keeping it.

(Also, for future reference although the forum doesn’t have a “marketplace” section, it does have a “deals” section which is where people usually put items for sale. I have moved your post there. :wink:)