For Sale - Four GE 45639 Zwave Dimmer Switches (No Neutral Required)

I’m replacing some of the switches in my house and I have four old GE dimmer switches that I’m selling. They are the original model (ZW3003l) that do not require a neutral wire. They have worked

great, but I know longer wanted dimmer switches where I had these installed. Occasionally they would disconnect from the hub, but running a Z-Wave exclusion and then re adding them seemed to fix that for me. $15 each or all 4 $50 plus whatever it costs me to ship them to you.

Jasco ZW3003 = GE 45639

Just a note that those older models are intended only for control of resistant loads, which means incandescent or Halogen. No LEDs or fluorescents.

This switch is designed for use only with permanently installed incandescent fixtures. Do not use it to control fluorescent lighting, transformer supplied lighting/appliances or receptacles. The incandescent lighting controlled by this dimmer switch must not exceed 600 watts.

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