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For sale: Envisalink EVL-4 (Honeywell / DSC) UK brand new

(Meza) #1

Hi, I’ve an unused Envisalink EVL-4 card for sale, for connecting Honeywell Vista or DSC Powerseries alarm panels to Smartthings.

£80 Inc UK postage

Message me or reply here if you are interested.

Mods… Couldn’t find a for sale forum, please move if this is not the right place. Thanks

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(Gareth) #2

Hi Did you sell your EVL-4 ?

(Meza) #3

Hi, it’s still available Gareth. Let me know if you’re interested. I can post next day if needed.

(Gareth) #4

Yes I am interested, is there any movement on the price as it for a diy project. Thanks Gareth

(Gareth) #5

Hi Would you consider £50 if your interested send me your PayPal account details.

(Steve Marks) #6

Is this still available? Ill pay £80 for it id it is.