Blanket access to all voice assistants ? Really Smartthings?

I am sure this is being discussed some place on here ( i found a few mentions of this) but did this really just happen?
I re authorized smartthings and google home and now i can no longer select what devices google can or cannot see?
What logic did Samsung use to delete this function? ( or how much did google pay them for this ? )
this has got to be the biggest privacy issue i can think of , not to mention the headache it will cause people with devices that they dont want google to accidently control.
I have 2 locations and one of them is in my Hotel( yes i know its not for commercial but its my place so no biggie) ISSUE is now that my kid can say turn off the lights and google will turn off my hotel lights? wtf just happened ?
anyway i hope they fix this soon or else i guess i will have to migrate to another platform after years of loyalty to smartthings.


A quick search will show one of the longest conversations in the community right now…

Lots of issues, including yours.

Fortunately, I think were going to get it changed.

Enjoy the light reading in that thread.


anything we can do to make sure this changes back to normal?
Im so disappointed that they sold their users out .

Put your name in the hat…