Flower Power vs Plantlink

I currently have a flower power to monitor my plants. The unfortunate problem is that this $50 device looses connection constantly, doesn’t provide push notifications consistently, nor does it help to monitor my plants and let me know if they need help. I have tried to use it for about 8 months and it is just time to look for another product.

I saw the Plantlink in the ST app. I was looking to get some feedback on it. Does it need its own hub? Does it work well with ST?

I also saw spruce has sensors http://www.spruceirrigation.com/order


Plantlink has its own hub and can be used with it, however if you buy just the Plantlink sensor, it will connect directly to ST as it is a Zigbee device.

Hopefully some others will chime in on their experience with it.

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Has anyone done this without the hub?

Paging @dshokouhi
I know he snagged some on clearance last month.

The sensors work fine alone, they pair directly to ST by holding down the button until it is found. I am using the plant link direct device type as I don’t use the hub.

Here is the device type: https://github.com/KristopherKubicki/device-plantlink-direct


Clearance is good…

I have 4 of them. Work Ok, I use the Oso device handler. I like there dashboard, but dislike I can’t build rules off of it. I am told you can with the Kubicki device handler, but his does not push back to PlantLinks Dashboard.

I have two. The paired w/o any issues and reliably report status. FYI, in a couple of back-and-forths with their support people, they seemed to imply that they were working on a new generation of devices. Hopefully they will be both cheaper and also ST compatible.

On this page:


Under: “Coming Soon PlantLink Lush”

So all they do is report? What else did you want them to do?

Yea it looks like they are sold out in their website.

I see what they are going after but I have a rain machine so I just need sensors. The RM is great but the code I use with ST hasn’t worked. I’m hoping to use senots with the code to run commands.

I am not sure I understand your reply to my reply. I have 4 plant links. There are 2 device handlers. The official one pumps all the data back to PlantLink and their dashboard. I cannot use any of the plantlink data to turn water on and off. I am told that if I switch to the Kubicki device handler, it will be visible to things like Rule Machine so that I can use that data to turn water on and off, but the data would not go back to plantlink.

Like @LadySapphy I’m not sure I understand your reply. I was just letting @chickwebb know what I found in response to the fact that they were told by PlantLink that there is a new device coming.