PlantLink w/SmartThings Hub vs. PlantLink w/PlantLink Hub

Outside of one less hub, is there a benefit to hooking PlantLink up to SmartThings? Are there some benefits/apps that make this a better choice over just using the PlantLink base station?

Sonos or Obything Music Spoken notifications. “Dude, the herbs need some aqua, man.”

ST can control a watering system.

Yep I agree w/ @mdawson you can get the notification and use it to trigger an action.

I have a hub abd a sensor, $45 on Amazon.

I could not connect it to their hub, but got it connected to ST.

Seems to work fine and the data goes over to the PL website.

Any reason to use their hub?

Also, any benefit of using the custom ST device type for the sensor?