Floor Air Conditioner?

Summer is ahead and we’re looking for a ST compatible floor air conditioner. I did a search and couldn’t find anything easily. Samsung Floor Aircon is not available anywhere (except Korea!) :D.

1-We have Z-wave controlled switch (Coffee maker approach)
2-Harmony hub is ready to learn the commands if the remote is IR.

Any idea?

Any air conditioner that can be controlled by the Harmony hub can then be integrated with SmartThings that way

way. So pretty much any air conditioner that has an IR remote, and some that have a Bluetooth remote. Not the ones that have other frequency remotes like 334 or 433.

You can look up the air-conditioner models in the harmony database to see if they’re compatible:


Here just as an example

But there are many more.

There is also a Z wave to IR device specifically intended for air conditioner controls, which works as a thermostat to SmartThings:

So the remotec is a little more difficult to set up but gives you a somewhat more intuitive control of the a/c.

These are both controlling the same devices: air-conditioner units with an IR remote. So we should note that both have to be line of sight to the AC, you can’t put the harmony or the remotec in a different room or on a different floor.

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