Suggestions how to turn on a device such as a AC Unit or Floor Fan

I want to be able to turn on a floor standing AC unit or a pedestal fan in a room. They both can be turned on by a remote or by pushing the “on” button. I thought about putting them on ST outlets but the units won’t automatically come on when plugged in. Thoughts?

You can build something like this here.

If the remotes are IR remotes (not 433 MHz or another protocol) then harmony can control the devices and you can get SmartThings control that way. Try looking them up in the Logitech Harmony compatibility database. (The Harmony Hub costs about $99 without a button remote.)

there is also a Z wave “remote thermostat” device which is intended to control air conditioners that have IR remote’s. That’s another option, although you can do more things with the harmony.

Again, though, both of those options will only work if your air-conditioner already has an IR remote.

If not, you have to start looking at hacking the Remote physically one way or another, which is more than most people want to do, but if you like that kind of project it can probably be done.

So the first step is to find out what kind of remote you have. Again, I would start by just checking to see if it’s in the Logitech Harmony database.

Some ac units will return to their previous state after a power outage. So i just turn mine on initially, and the smart outlet creates and restores an outage.

Hi @temps76,

If you are brave enough and a DIY type, and don’t care about soldering, you can get a Z-wave relay and mod your remotes.

I modded my garage door remote this way and the only downside is that I have to change batteries every 2 years or so.

Thanks All for the feedback.

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What kind of ac was that?

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Whynter ARC-131GD Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, 13000 BTU

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Just wondering is cutting the power on/off would cause any issue with the portable AC?
Since it seems that you do it, can you comment on how long did you had that ac and anything i should worry about if i decide to buy an ac with autorestart on power failure?

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I got mine spring 2015, so I’ve used it 2 years, and just starting on the third.

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I was thinking about doing this for the portable AC unit in my teenagers upstairs room. He never remembers to turn it off. I tested and it does have the restore to previous state on power failure. Do you always kill power to it when you turn it off so you can remote turn it on? What zwave device do you use to control the power?

I used the Iris smart plug (from lowes). I only turn it on and off with smarththings, or alexa’s connection to smartthings. so yes it does kill the power each time. but the manufacture said thats ok with my model ac