Flood light for outside porch

looking for flood light for outside porch that works with smartthings and google home w/o having to install another app. Any suggestions. Also any indoor lights that work with samsung smarthtings that doesn’t need an additional hub.


Where is the switch for the flood light?

I’m using Lightify Floods (outdoor rated) - they are working great

Got them at amazon http://amzn.to/2qTJWXx

No other app needed - native support to SmartThings and therefore Google should be able to voice control them :slight_smile:

If you are running a new power cable to the lamp and using a plug socket somewhere to power the lamp just add a power pocket socket that is zwave, that way you can install an energy efficient 30w led floodlight and have control of on off from the power socket in st

Just depends on how you are getting the power to the light

just got ST to control my 6 outdoor floodlights last night - dumb LED bulbs on a single circuit with a Lutron Caseta dimmer switch. I have connected the switch as a device in ST and buried the Lutron app in a folder that I will never open.

Outside lights now work in various automations in ST, including dimming for the wee hours, with the added bonus of redundant, independent control via the Lutron app and Google Home if I ever become sufficiently disenchanted with SmartThings.

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Also want to install flood lights for burglary prevention. Is it possible to control a regular outdoor armature/light including movement sensor and lux setting through a xiamo smart plug? (Sunset, notifications etc…)
Or is it better/easier to buy a Wemo Zigbee bulb connected with the ST hub.

JohnHoke, are your Lightify outdoor floods still working? All 8 of mine disconnected about 2 weeks ago and will not reconnect despite power cycle resetting and trying to add them back to ST hub. Samsung says that bulb is no longer compatible but I wonder if anyone else is having the same issue with those bulbs?

Yes mine are still working as of last night.

My went out also. Not sure if you goind a fix.

Do not fuss sent from my S9+

David_De_Fede I did get mine working. I finally discovered that I needed to start by reconnecting the bulb closest to my hub as these are the only zigbee devices I have so nothing was repeating the signal to the bulbs further away. Remove all bulbs and power cycle then make sure at least one of the bulbs is within 20’ of the hub and hopefully that will help.

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