Sylvania Lightify 40 Degree Flood

I just purchased 2 Sylvania Lightify 40 Degree 120w outdoor floods from Lowes (product number 780084). Trying to find a way to connect to my Smartthings hub. It located them as ‘Thing’ and I have no control over them once connecting to them. I have a few other Osram bulbs in the house that are recognized by my hub.

Anyone know if there’s a script available to control these via Smartthings?

I’m very interested in the answer to this as I’m experiencing the same thing. Am I going to need to return the bulb and buy a switch instead?

yea, same here… just shows up as a thing…

After adding it as a “thing”, goto the IDE and set the type to a normal Zigbee Bulb. In my case, I think i set it to GE Link Bulb and that was enough for it to work on/off/dimm