Flic - Wireless Smart Button

I got 12 of these. They look soooo cool. All the partners that they have already are incredible!

They already have Unified Remote, Spotifiy, IFTTT, Logitech, Atooma, and Morning Routine on board.

IFTTT gives tons of features. But direct control of STs would be amazing!!!

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Ya’all need to reach out to these guys if you haven’t already!! :smile:

Tim, how reliable are they? How do they communicate? Do they have a hub? If they are tied to my phone and I’m not home and my wife pushes a button how would it work?

I believe they are bluetooth and require a mobile device to work. I think it will use IFTTT to communicate with smartThings, unless ST HUB V2 can support this. I thought V2 was going to have Blue Tooth support.

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there’s a lot of similar products out there. This one says they will be open sourced, and it’s a lot smaller too.

Check it out! Trying to win some free flics. Would love some votes from ya’all! I have some smartapps written up already that will integrate the flics nicely. It’s gonna be really cool. As soon as i get my flics(an i verify my ideas work) i am gonna post here with all my smart apps.

I’ll give ya’all some votes too! :smile:

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Done… :smile:

I want to place them near a few table lamps to control them. If I use a Hue bulb or an outlet module to control that lamp, you can’t use he control on the lamp itself! First world problems, I know…

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Done x3 - looks like I could throw 3 votes your way.

I will definitely buy some of these once they are integrated

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lol! Maybe i can do this

if (flic == double tap) {
make house fly to Bermuda


You got 3 votes from me, but it looks like you’re gonna have a hard time competing with internet porn. I died laughing when I saw it.

I too died… a little inside. lol

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You got my vote on that.

+3 from me… 21 characs.

Any progress about the Flic integration into ST?

I was so excited about flic until i saw this question.

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They’re Bluetooth. I have an always-plugged in tablet which is my home automation control center. so my Flics at home will be tied to that, not my phone. :sunglasses:

Flic works well as an add-on to a home automation system that already has some bluetooth device to control them, but not if they have to be tied to your phone always

Edit: Unless you like to have buttons al over your body and be touching yourself all day :smile:

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I received 6 Flics. Using IFTTT to control Smartthings things, I am successfully controlling lighting (On/Off) with the attendant delay of using IFTTT (about 8 seconds on my end).


Got mine, really like it. My delay is shorter, more like about two seconds using IFTTT. They can also be used to start a Harmony activity.

The peel off adhesive seems to work really well, but if you have little kids you’re going to want to secure it because they will definitely want to put this in their mouth.

I wrote more details about it in the supported buttons and remotes topic

This one can solve a lot of use cases very simply. But you may have to stalk Amazon to get one sooner than an eight week delivery time . :sunglasses:

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JD, I have to be missing something. These buttons connect to your phone over Bluetooth right? If your phone is off or out of range these buttons do absolutely nothing. Do they have a hub or WiFi connection? If they are WiFi wonder how the battery life is. I’m sure I’m missing something I haven’t paid too much attention to them.

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Yes, they have to be paired to a device that has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in order to use IFTTT, and that device has to be present. There’s no bridge device. The flic itself is Bluetooth only and battery life should be good, comparable to an IBeacon.

At my house, I have two tablets, one on each side of the house, which serve as home automation control centers. We use the dashboard to display, but we have all our apps that need to run in the background running on them as well. The house isn’t that big, about 1500 ft.², and, as we’ve discovered for iBeacons and HomeKit, we are getting full Bluetooth coverage, but divided into two zones.

So my flic is paired to the tablet, not my phone. And the tablet always lives in the same place at the house, so any flics being used as buttons for the home automation devices installed there will work just fine. :sunglasses:

People who are pairing the flic to a phone have to have the phone within Bluetooth range of the flic or the flic just won’t work. That will meet some of these cases, but not others.

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