Fix Sharptools (May 2, 2016)

When will the oauth be fixed for sharptools?

I met with SmartThings tonight and we put together an action plan to get things fixed. I’m hoping to get things back up within the next 24-48 hours.


Are smartthings still denying they made a platform change? :rage:

Thank you. This has really impacted me!!

I don’t think they were denying anything, but I think there were a few issues which happened at once and the explanation for those distinct but similar events might not have been clear. I’m head down working on the update and I’ll let everyone know when things are back up.


SharpTools 2.2 has been released to Google Play. It may take several hours before the update is available to download.

Note that SharpTools 2.2 should fix things for users on the NA01 shard. After downloading the updated SharpTools release, please reauthorize your things from the SharpTools Settings screen to re-establish functionality.

SmartThings is working on synchronizing the changes across to the NA02 and EU shards and we expect this to be complete over the next 24 hours. Once the server sync is complete, NA02 and EU users should be able to reauthorize their things and functionality should return to normal.


Edit: See post 29 for an update. SharpTools 2.2 R2 was pushed to Google Play on May 4th and should resolve the authorization issue.


Perhaps we should also mention that the “NA01 shard” is where information for the older US accounts is stored. “NA02” was an expansion area added I think in late 2015 for newer US accounts. And “EU01” is for all accounts with the UK version of the SmartThings hub. NA stands for “north America.” :wink:

@slagle is there any easy way for an individual customer to know which shard their account is hosted on? Any place you can see that?


When you click on a location you will be redirected to the correct shard. The URL will be very telling in this case.


Click on a location in the IDE?

On the specific location.

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Sorry to be so dense, but where? (Which UI, the IDE, the mobile app, or?)

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I believe that I am on the old shard as my system was installed January of 2015 and I just updated the sharptool app. I looked at my locationI URL in the IDE but couldn’t see where it would tell me my shard. I tried everything from re-authorizing in the app to doing it in ST. I have no modes or routines showing up either. I went looking for sharptools on the app store and found the update but it does not seem to work. It wasn’t showing up in my list of apps that needed an update. Anyway, I’m off to bed. I can live without widgets and voice control for a couple days while this gets sorted out. Happy coding Josh.

If you have multiple locations in the the IDE click on the specific location if not locations will default to the only location you have. The URL there will be telling.

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In the IDE.

Supposedly: is supposed to redirect you to the correct shard URL, but it can’t do that until you login … and even then, you might actually be using multiple shards – You can have multiple Locations under an Account (I think still only one Hub per Location…), and Locations are mostly independent.

Regardless; as soon as you hit the My Locations menu; or perhaps when you select the specific Location that shows up in the list of My Locations, then the IDE will redirect you to the correct URL … and you may need to login again.

So… Perhaps this should be the most useful direct URL shortcut:

Well… at least that’s in my experience.

@slagle et al. know that it would be helpful if the native mobile SmartThings App also had a diagnostic line somewhere (in Location Detail? or in Support/About?) which shown the shard name and URL…

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What Terry said, I’m mobile so typing on this Google keyboard sucks. :pensive:


I’m on.NA01 and the fix definitely did not work for me. I missed the url addresses listed by Josh. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up before bed.


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I did double check and I am on version 2.2. Just wanted to be sure. I was going to send you my logs Josh but don’t see how.

Warm Regards

Thanks. I use Safari on an iPad and The actual URLs get hidden. And voiceover reads the one that you see. You have to copy and paste them in order to see what they really are and even then I don’t think I’ve ever seen the one for the shard I am on. Just the redirect address. Which probably means I’m on NA01. but there’s no way to see that easily.

So I agree, it would be really nice if it showed up in the account information somewhere. But at least now I know. Thanks, you guys, for being so patient. :sunglasses:


If you got your SmartThings hub around the time you joined the community, you’re on NA02.

I also have this as well so I guess I am on NA01. Of course that’s just a guess so who knows. It sure is not easy to figure it out.
Updated sharptools and re-authorized but still 401 error. So the question now is. Is it sharptools or am I on the wrong NA01. Guess I will find out tomorrow.