OAuth Error?

I tried to authorize my ST with Sharptools and it was successful 1st time. After that, when i tried to reauthorize, ST gave me Internal Server Error, URI/oauth/authorize. Any help?

EDIT: I just tried authorize with IFTTT and that worked… Hmm.

I’m getting the same thing, @joshua_lyon any help?

Edit: I guess it’s not just sharptools, it’s most other cloud services.

@eibyer thanks for tagging me!

@mckenph has you pointed in the right direction. I’m working with SmartThings to get things up and running again.


@joshua_lyon yup a busy day for you today :wink: best of luck :slight_smile: are you on the Dev Call later?

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I’ve been mucking around with my simulated presence since last night thinking I’m doing something wrong, turns out someone pulled the plug on me :frowning:

Thanks for the well wishes! I plan on being on the Dev Call tomorrow night.

he he :wink: whoops getting ahead of myself…yup tomorrow night

I posted an update in the thread @mckenph linked to above:

Sent you a log. Still does not work. Goes through the process but does not authorize any things

Getting the same issue here. It’s not adding any things. Goes through the other stuff just fine.

yes shows 0 authorized… no errors on smartthings end in ide logs…

but I don’t think it is on the smartthigns end… I think it is the android/ios app not getting the info back. as logs show things being authorized correctly on smartthings and it is changing in the sharptools smartapp.

I am experiencing this. SharpTools does not ever show any authorized things yet IF will work. I tried on an old Nexus 7 running Cyan and a stock Nexus 6 both appear to behave the same. Any ideas?

From what I can tell, it looks like SmartThings pushed a device type handler update for switches tonight which broke the Things list parsing in SharpTools. I’ve reported it to the SmartThings developer advocacy team and I’m pushing a hotfix for SharpTools tonight (2.2 R4) to work around the issue.

It looks like switches have dropped the unit attribute from the list of currentStates which SharpTools was explicitly looking for. I’ve added a workaround which provides a default empty unit if the unit attribute is missing.

Thanks, Joshua. I removed all switches and tried only adding a thermostat and that did not work either. Could be related but thought I would test that since you mentioned switches.

It looks like the unit value changed for certain thermostat attributes like thermostatMode as well (eg. the unit attribute was dropped)… the hotfix I am pushing out for SharpTools works for thermostats as well.

I just released the SharpTools 2.2 R4 hotfix to Google Play and it should make its way though the servers over the next few hours.

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