Fitting ~ZWave Plus relay switch inside metal cooker hood

I’m assuming this is going to be a problem - but thought I would ask in case anyone else has faced a similar issue. I want to control the lights in my cooker hood - however the location of the existing electronics is completely inside aluminium hood. It’s only about 15m away from my SmartThings hub. Would I be right to assume the metal enclosure is going to totally kill the signal?
If so I think I’ll have to run some cables back up in to the ceiling and put the module there which will be much more work.
Would be interested to hear if anyone has faced similar situation and what the outcome was?

It won’t completely kill the signal, but it will reduce it significantly.

People have done some similar projects, it just depends on the details.

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Thanks for the link to the other discussion - I’m only interested in controlling the lights, so it’s straightforward enough from that point of view.
I really wanted to know whether it was even worth trying the module fully within the hood enclosure… seems it’s worth a go! It’s also only a couple of meters away from a zwave plus permanently powered light switch which I guess might help matters.

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I’ve since fitted my z-wave device - I got a " Qubino ZMNHAD1" from Amazon. It worked straight away and I was able to detect and add the device and switch it off/on all as you would expect.
But… and there’s always a but… after somewhere around 24 hours the device disappears… and I don’t mean shows offline… it completely vanishes from SmartThing! If I switch the Qubino off/on a couple of time at the mains it re-appears in the app without me having to do anything but has reverted to its default name and I have to set it all up again… then usually by the next day it’s vanished again. This has been going on for a couple of weeks, all my other SmartThings devices are fine.
I’m unsure whether this means the device itself is faulty in some way as it doesn’t, at first thought anyway, seem to be a signal issue!