FitBit(SAMI) Device Help

So I’ve been using SmartTiles for awhile now and I think its fantastic. For now there is currently no way to add personal health to the dashboard. If anyone is interested I would like to see if you can create a Samsung SAMI device type that displays numeric value using the thermostat data so I can display steps, calories, BMI using SmartTiles. I currently have absolutely no idea on how to code this project and I’m willing to donate to the developer who can create this if possible, or if someone wants to point me in the correct direction in coding this myself.

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Hmmm… I guess a “Temperature Tile” could display any 1 such value, so you could use 3 “Virtual” Temperature Tiles.

I don’t have any experience with SAMI Device Types yet, but I’m curious.
What type of fitness devices are you using? What does your current SmartThings App interface look like for these Devices?

Do you have a screen shot?

If I can find the code for the SAMI Device (SmartThings publishes a lot of the Device Types, but not all), then making virtual Temperature Tiles shouldn’t be too hard.

Feel free to email me for further discussion. We could do a brief Skype where you can demo your current setup and requirements: