Fitbit Sami device

Hey so I don’t know if anyone else has seen it but there is a device type called Fitbit Sami is this the integration? I’ve also seen an IFTTT log in for the Fitbit and smart things can anyone test this out?

People have been using IFTTT to connect Fitbit and SmartThings for awhile. See:

The SAMI piece is new. Fitbit was one of the first devices Samsung mentioned in connection with SAMI back in 2013, but as you probably know the official SAMI accounts announcement just came a month or so ago.

In the week of June 20, as @keithcroshaw noted below, SmartThings added a new SAMI smartapp to the MORE section of Smart Setup in the mobile app, marked “alpha,” and the Fitbit device handler you mentioned, so it looks like they’re preparing for SAMI integration.

I’m not sure if you need a SAMI account or not.

I just saw it too, there’s a ton of SAMI stuff pouring into IDE and “More” section of the + Button.

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Is there source code anywhere for the SAMI SmartApp (@slagle, @jim?).

I’ve had it create a SAMI Fitbit child device instance, but it’s pretty lame (or improperly connecting). SAMI seems to have a good an easy API, but why bother starting from scratch?

Is anyone using this FitBit SAMI integration? What can it do, what are the delay times between FitBit and SmartThings (can FitBit sleep or awake be used to realistically trigger ST modes)?

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