First Project : Smart Switch Advice

Hey guys - thanks in advance for any help / guidance here. I recently purchased a ST Hub and am looking to integrate my first switch (actually, set of switches). See current switch setup below:

I’ve made the decision to go the Smart Switch route vs Smart Bulbs for various reasons and my approach is to purchase the following switches:
2 On / Off Switches for the outdoor lights
1 Dimmable switch for the indoor dim (8 recessed cans on this one)
1 On / Off switch for the fan (although … a “dumb” switch may be in the running here)

And finally, my question - I’m overwhelmed by the options / brands out there today. Curious if anyone has strong opinions about certain switch brands given my setup here. I shop on Amazon and at Lowe’s / Home Depot quite a bit if that influences anything.

THANK YOU again!

It depends on a couple of factors.

  1. Your current wiring configuration
    You could be limited to the type of switch depend on your house wiring. So check to see if you have neutral, line hot and load at the switches.
    The 8 cans indoor dimmable light could be a problem depend on what type of bulbs you are using.
  2. Cost and appearance
    If #1 above is good then GE is really popular around here and Lowes/amazon carry them. They also make toggle switches. If #1 is a no go then usually the popular Aeon micro is an option for installing at your light fixture.
    You can get the 2 outdoor lights to work with one emerwave or Monoprice dual relay module if cost is a concern.
    My house is like a disco ball. I have quite a few different brands and find GE is the best fit so far but probably because they are cost effective and my wife hates mismatch appearance.
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Same reply - but there is a 400 w rating on your dimmer (that’s upside down :slight_smile: ) I had to rotate it to read it. That is not a lot if incandescent - but a lot of 8w LED’s.

I have no issue at all with the Jasco/GE ones, but have only done 4.

Make sure you have neutrals - probably do as it looks fairly new. as Well as extra deep boxed (that always helps)

You will probably need to change to Decora style, there are paddle but somewhat harder to find.

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I will agree with the GE switches. I spent a lot of time researching all the different options out there and determining if I needed Instant Status, Grouping, etc… in the end I decided that all I really wanted was to be able to control some lights and ceiling fans to start off with.

Since I was out at my local Lowes I just picked up some of the GE “Works With IRIS” switches (since I did decide that I wanted to use all Z-Wave - to take advantage of a less crowded freq and get the mesh capabilities). They have worked for me every time, all the time and I am very happy with them. I do like the dimmers better than just the on/off switches. I think it is a psychological thing with the lights dimming to off. It just seems super cool.

Anyway, I would suggest:

1 GE Z-Wave Dimmer 12724
2 GE Z-Wave Switches 12722
1 GE Z-Wave Fan Control 12730

This is assuming that you do have at least one neutral (white) wire in that box. I can not tell from the picture. What looks like a neutral might just be a hot with white primer on it :wink: