First piston problems


I’m totally new to Smartthings and Core, so please be gentle.

I’ve set up a piston called ‘Door Bell’. The piston is to be triggered by either Arlo motion sensor cameras, then flash a couple of lights and play a 7 second mp3 from a public dropbox on sonos speakers. Then have the lights and the Sonos resume whatever they were doing.

I’ve set motion detect comparison to ‘Changes’, and sonos to play and resume and lights to flash.

The problem is the mp3 seems to play twice. Everytime!! And it never resumes whereit left off.

Any help appreciated…


How about “changes to” then select “active”.

Your motion sensor is likely triggering twice as it changes twice…

Inactive -> Active
Active -> Inactive

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Hi Eric,

Yes that has done it. Thanks very much!

However, I cant get it to carry on playing where it left off on Sonos. When the piston is triggered it seems to stop sonos entirely…

Someone must have cracked it…