First Alert Smoke/CO detector

I have looked through the posts and have most of my questions answered, however, it is unclear to me IF pressing the test button is supposed to provide alarm to Smartthings. I have detector paired but I’m not seeing a message when I use test button. Smoke alarm sounds but not message.
If I am supposed to see this via Smartthings, is it recommended to disconnect and then reconnect device?

The test button on that device tests the internal mechanics of it. It sends a test date message to the hub, but that doesn’t work the same way as a regular smoke event, so you can’t use it to test your alert logic. And several people have said they aren’t even seeing the test message for CO2, just One message for the unit. Write to that device’s manufacturer and tell them that you would like to see that feature added. :sunglasses:

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Are you sure that the test button does not trigger an alarm on the phone through smartthings?

I thought it did.

It may depend on the specific model.

I am pretty sure it did indicate a smoke test in SmartThings App. I am also “pretty sure” that there is no CO notification at all from what I have read (no test notification and no real CO alarm notification via zwave).

There was a problem with a lot of the early zwave smoke alarms where they would send a test completed message to the controller, but nothing after that, which messed up status reporting. That is they never sent an “all clear” equivalent. So many systems end up either ignoring tests or just recording a “test completed” date in the log. They don’t actually use the test to trigger alarm events.

Support could probably get an answer:

First, I must say that I am a newbie and appreciate the quick responses.
Might just have to buy a can of smoke and CO to do testing. Should probably do this periodically with my hardwired detectors anyways. Might try this if the cans for testing are not too expensive. I’m finding that’s the challenge when using generic ‘zwave’ devices…never know what yer gonna get!

Remember that every real test, as opposed to button test, reduces the life of the sensor. So don’t go crazy on those.

Update -
after realizing that the ‘test’ function should register up under ‘Things’ but not on the dashboard, I confirmed mine was NOT working correctly.
Therefore, I removed and excluded the device.
Then I repaired the device and the ‘test’ function worked.
The first time, I chose the smoke/CO detector in marketplace rather than just searching for a device as I found most instructions recommended.
The second time I used searched for any device. Not sure if this this made a difference?

Also, I found how to use the ‘contact’ functionality within Smarthings and this works great! I like how I can specify people with shared account OR add others and pick between email (notifications) and/or text.

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Will the siren on this detector work as a smartthings security siren as well? I have motion detectors and an aeotec siren already working for my security but a second security siren would be enough to make me get this. Thanks

No, you can’t use the smoke detector as a security siren.

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I get messages when i press the Test button.