Firmware update to 0.48.03

Anybody else notice that their zwave switches icon have gone back to the sliding dimmer switch icon? And there is no way to edit/change the icon? I had flipped all my switches that control lights to a lightbulb icon, but now it’s gone. A minor item, but irritating nonetheless when a system upgrade changes the way you set up stuff.

Note, it’s not hub firmware related. Something else on the back end has changed.


Yes, I have the same experience among other challenges.

It seems to be related to ST app version

I also had another problem with this version but I don’t think they will revert my case.

I use 2 accounts… one is associated to my hub and another to my mobile phone.

I used to be able to see the Driver menu since the very beginning, but now it only shows if the account is the same for hub and mobile phone.

Happened again today (Aug 7, 2023) I think. Anybody else notice this?

Yes - my temp/humidity sensors (zigbee) now show the contact sensor icon, with no way to change the icon.

Now we’re back to normal. Edit menu allows me to alter the icon for the switches, as well as for other devices.