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Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #210

I don’t know the exact time, but “overnight” the lock screen kicks in on my Fire HD8 (latest OS) too. I’ve never bothered worrying about it; but I am curious why.

Some scheduled job is hardcoded? One theory is a check for App updates?


Although seemingly a small inconvenience, this stops the ability to see the Ring video (using automateit from 1:30am till the lock screen is manually removed) upon motion detection events. I don’t want to get up from bed at 2 in the morning when I hear a motion detection just to find out it was a cat:). The wife likes it much better when she can just take a glance at the wall without getting out of bed.

But yes, I think the later OS must have some type of daily system check which causes the lock screen to activate. Bummer…

(David Jacobs) #212

No I never figured it out but a simple swipe clears it for the day. Despite all the comments and suggestions here I cant resolve it, otherwise it is perfect. I agree it happens between 1 & 5 am.


Thanks so much! The utility worked great, even on a Fire tablet that was fully updated and connected to wifi the entire time.
One question–I am using a video feed from BlueIris. Is there a way in ActionTiles I can set up a video feed to be turned on when there is motion detected on a certain camera? I have my Front Door feed streaming all the time and it is taking up a lot of CPU resources.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #214

Not a feature of ActionTiles yet; but this (or similar) is an open Feature Request. It isn’t in high demand, though; special handling for Media Tiles will evolve relatively slowly.

(MacTechGenius) #215

Which wireless charger do you recommend for the Fire (7 inch & 10 inch). How is this one: Should I get Micro USB Narrow Side Up or Narrow Side Down?

And this Micro USB receiver?

Also…does the same script work for the 10 inch?

(Ron Talley) #216

Depends on firmware version. The script use to work to take the ad page off but I haven’t had much luck with it for my last 3 tablets.

2x8" and 1x10"

Have 2 other 10"s that it worked fine on.

(Root700) #217

Apologies. I don’t have a Win machine so need to do it manual. Does anyone have the manual instructions?

(Arn B) #218

It’s been a quite a while since I manually setup my HD8s using information found on the XDAdevelopers site, but IMHO it’s not a big deal to do. Since then the OS has changed, and I’m sure what I did back then has also changed.

After installing the Google Play Store, install the Fully Kiosk Browser should you be using ActionTiles, and install Lannouncer if you want voice messages from something like BigTalker. Here is a search for the current pages with advice for installing the Google Play Store.

My device runs 24/7 on power, never sleeps when powered, and updates are disabled. I’ve seen reports that some of the HD devices are now forced to sleep once or twice a day.

(Jeffrey Bittel) #219


Ordered three of these from Woot (32GB, @ $39). Two have come in already. I used your script on the two that have arrived. They both were loaded with Fire OS Lot’s of error messages initially, but the final result was Amazon ads no longer pop-up and all the required software was loaded. Sweet! Did not need the 32GB models but that was all that was left on Woot. Will try again with Woot for a few backups if I’m lucky enough to see them when they get listed.

Each one is running Fully Kiosk, Actiontiles, and Dakboard. No issues with all three of thes great programs running on the Fire as well. Wallframe from MotifEtc. My only issue with the wall frame was that the opening is only to the left which is 1" away from the wall. Plugging in the Fire was a pain. Would be nice if he sold a right-hand model as well

PS, the wife has claimed the 3rd one for her personal use when it comes in…

Attached a couple of pictures of final wall mount of one of them


(Jake Seaton) #220

Do you have a link to more information/buying info for this MotifEtc? I can’t find anything online …

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #221

Why not just rotate the tablet 180 degrees? Fire tablets will work in all 4 orientations…

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #222

Use this link for 20% off the Motif frames for ActionTiles Customers…

(Jeffrey Bittel) #223

The tablet is top loaded in the frame. Rotating 180 causes gravity to play havoc :slight_smile:

(Jeffrey Bittel) #224

Dang! Wish I had seen that link a week ago.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #225

Oops… Too bad not side-loaded; maybe we gotta send him a suggestion!

My bad; a week ago I was too busy with ActionTiles post-Memorial Day sales and such.

(Jeffrey Bittel) #226

Not sure if it matters or not now that I have already ran the script, but last night all my Fire 8’s updated to 5.6. Only adverse effect was I needed to log back in to Actiontiles.

Hopefully that’s the worst think that occurs…

(Mark) #227

You can turn off autoupdates on your fire tablets.

(Jeffrey Bittel) #228

I see where you can turn off the app updates but not the OTA OS updates. Can you share your knowledge on this.

(Mark) #229

I haven’t used the script discussed in this thread, but doesn’t it say option 1 is to block OTA updates?