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Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]


(Jake Seaton) #230

I just had to wipe my Fire 7 for a couple reasons. Regardless, when I did a system reset, it loaded 5.6 again. I was able to follow the instructions I posted above to downgrade the OS and remove the bloat – including OTA updates.

So I’m 2 for 2 on downgrading from 5.6 to 5.4.

(Jeffrey Bittel) #231

Yes it does. I ran option e which includes all. Guess it didn’t turn that off.


I can’t for the life of me get adb to see my device. I tried different ports and cords, I tried making sure its set to debug and mtp, but I got nothing.

(Jake Seaton) #233

If I recall, there is a way to “forget” the devices you’ve hooked the tablet up to. I believe if you forget your computer, and then try plugging it back it, you should be prompted to authorize the computer and ADB should work.

(Jeffrey Bittel) #234

He now lists a right side opening for the Fire 8. I suspect he will do the same for other tablets depending on demand.

(Tom Guelker) #235

I am coming in here late, and my interest is piqued about using my old Kindle Fire (Kindle 6 Serial D01E) with Action tiles but I have found nothing for this particular Kindle. I tried to install Google Play store following the instructions at but when I click on the Google Play Store icon on the Kindle, I get an error messages “The application Google Play services ( has stopped working unexpectedly. Please try again”

When I try and add an account, This error message pops up “The application Google Account Manage ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”

I chose method 2 (downloading the .zip file and running it on my PC with the Kindle connected and reconnoitered as a disk drive)

When I clicked on update driver in Device Manager, Windows 10 told me the latest driver (disk drive) was installed.
Any kicks in the pants are welcome as long as they get me going in the right direction.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #236

If you just need to run ActionTiles, installing Google Play and other hacks are not required.

First try running in Silk.

If that doesn’t work, try Opera, Firefox, etc…

The Fully website has a few APK download options, and its developer can advise you on compatibility.

But seriously… Compared to price of a new Fire, the effort and frustration on your old Fire is likely not worth it. ActionTiles requires non-trivial resources and may not perform well on old hardware.


I figured out how to forget it or revoke it’s permissions and readd it. I now get that funky glyph icon at the top of the tablet screen, but I still can’t get it to show up after reboot in ADB. Very irritating. I tried doing that killing the ezlauncher (don’t remember the real name) kernel thing as well. Do some tablets just not play ball?

(Joe) #238

I may have missed it but I haven’t seen anyone post anything about the new Show Mode Charging Dock that is available on preorder from Amazon. I’m curious if it can be set up with AT as the default screen or similar to Fully to go to AT when you tap. I may pick one up if they drop price on prime day just to play around.

(Jeffrey Bittel) #239

Will be interesting to know if it can be wall mounted and backward compatible with the 2016 Fire 8.

(Joe) #241

I think the dock automatically triggers a new “show mode,” which maybe you can enter manually - their press release was unclear but I assume you can. Supposedly rolling out in OTA updates starting July 2. Key question for me will be whether show mode can pair with AT and be a better substitute for using Fully (with alexa etc.).

The dock itself is interesting for a living room or nightstand set up and maybe to drill to a wall as a mount with ability to take tablet off wall.

(Ron Talley) #242

I missed that. Hmm, it would be super cool if the Tablets can go into show mode without the dock. I currently have 4 shows now and most of the things we use often on them are also available on the tablets mounted all over the house.

However, I see now your key question. That would be awesome!

Don’t like the price for the 10"…Yikes

(Ron Talley) #243

Can confirm that you do not need the dock to enter show mode.
Can confirm that you can not get to AT while in show mode.
Can confirm that Blink camera still doesn’t show on the Fire Tablets even in show mode.
Can confirm that you can drop in on a device but a device can not drop in on the tablet.
Can confirm that in Show Mode, the announcements from Echo devices goes to the tablet. (not true if not in Show Mode)

Switching between show mode and regular mode is a simple swipe down and clicking show mode on/off.

All in all, the Tablets in Show Mode, act just like the Echo Show which is pretty cool.


  1. Tablets mics are no where near as good as the Echo devices. With an Echo device, you can typically say Alexa and what you want in one smooth sentence. With the Tablets, you have to wait for the blue light then go. At least in my experience.

  2. You can not drop in on the Tablet. This feature would have allowed for the un-pairing of Tablet/Dot in each of my rooms. I love the drop in feature and the announce feature!

  3. Show supports more cameras like the Blink cameras.

  4. No manual way to invoke Alexa while in Show Mode.


  1. Not locked in to just what the Echo Show has to offer but also have a full out right tablet!

  2. You now have a Show features on a 10" screen so the visual feedback is much better. Especially videos.

  3. You now have an Aux cable that you can use.

  4. Echo Show now becomes portable.

(Joe) #244

Thx for the info! Point 2 may be a dealbreaker for show mode for me as I bought a bunch of HD8s specifically to use AT. But I see the use case as a more versatile version of the Echo Show.

(Tom Guelker) #245

My main intent was to repurpose the Fire 6. Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll check into running it under Silk.

(Arn B) #246

You can always sideload the playstore onto the Kindle Fire tablet.
Lots of options at this link


I have ActionTiles and the pro version of Fully Kiosk Browser working on the Fire 7. Using TinyCam Pro I was also able to finally get all my camera feeds working in Fully.

Unfortunately even with Fully configured to lock everything down in Kiosk mode, there is enough time at startup to see the “desktop” and even start an application. This is apparently a Fire specific issue, but I wanted to ask other users about boot performance on other tablets. Does it start up quick enough to prevent other applications from being started?

(Chris) #248

Has anyone used the fire OS version of fully to see what if any changes are better for the OS?

Amazon’s Fire OS is a very special Android derivate. Starting Fully Kiosk Browser 1.25 we have a special edition for Amazon Fire OS devices. This edition allows enabling the Kiosk Mode with Fire OS without third party tools. It has been tested with Fire OS, we can’t promise anything for older Fire OS.


I just updated to Version 1.25.1-fire from 1.25-fire

Kiosk mode does appear to work for me. But I have not successfully disabled/removed the Fire OS Lock Screen, so I still need to swipe to unlock the tablet on reboot.

The pro version screensaver feature is working well.

In the previous version there seemed to be a longer delay on boot. I managed to open the Silk browser once before Fully started. The latest version in Kiosk mode seems to start the Fully browser a little faster. I wasn’t able to open any apps before Fully started up and locked things down.

(Ron Talley) #250

Is there a way to re-enable over the air updates? I have 4 tablets that will not update and I want to install the latest Fire OS update to enable Show Mode…

I realize I could just do a factory reset but…yeesh…don’t want to go through all of that.