Fire Tablet as a doorbell chime?

Anyone know how to set up a routine in Alexa that allows the Fire HD 10 to play a phrase or chime when my doorbell contact sensor is opened?

I attempted to do this, however, no Alexa devices are found to play the phrase through, even though I have 8 Fire tablets linked. No Alexa “speaker” devices are found for any routine? Wouldn’t the tablet be capable of saying a phrase? I mean, Alexa listens and speaks through the tablets already.

You have to have the newer fire tablets, I believe it’s generation seven or newer, and you have to have them set to “show” mode.

I have show mode but don’t understand it at all.

It seems that when it’s in the show mode, you can’t do anything else on the tablet.

Whether 1 of the tablets is on show mode or not, when attempting to set up a routine, the Alexa app doesn’t find any “audio devices” for Alexa to say a phrase through. Am I missing something?

I’d get in touch with Amazon help, I’ve always found them very good. They should know one way or the other.