Finding Smart Apps

(Morgan) #1

I really have a hard time finding the smart apps that I need in the Mobile App. They just are there anymore, I have to find the code in the IDE create my own version and grab the code from the examples.

I know they must be there, but how do i find them or install them etc?

I want an app the simply notifies me when there is motion with either a text or push. I found the Text me When I’m Away, but one it doesn’t do push, 2. it only takes on presence detector.

Is there an app that does that? Or, how do i install that app without copying the code into my own Smart App and publishing it for me?

Thanks, I know it must be a simple answer.


(Ben Edwards) #2

Hi Morgan,

Many scenarios can be setup by either configuring dashboard options or by adding Alerts or Actions from inside SmartSetup — that is the screen you access from the large plus button from your dashboards.

This is how you can setup the alert you mentioned. Don’t need a SmartApp for that.

If you are looking specifically for SmartApps you can browse or search for SmartApps inside SmartSetup. They are in the “More” section.