Finally jumped over to Home Assistant

I’ve been lurking here for a year getting my feet wet in the home automation space. I started out with a smartthings hub and a couple lights, but that blew up into a house full of connected devices and like 50 pistons firing away to keep it all running. I also leveraged a bunch of stuff running in other places - like tinycam, action tiles, and cast-web, and a whole pile of other stuff - and for the most part it all worked.

But these dang outages we’re killing me, and the lag between event and action was only getting worse. I poked around looking for the next step and for some reason was drawn to Home Assistant. The community seemed super supportive, the integrations looked top notch, and it the fact that it ran on a local machine just seemed cool. Oh and they have a great smartthings integration so I could take my time bringing things over.

I got my pi and my zwave and conbee sticks up and running and managed to get everything but some zigbee thermostats carried over. I was also able to integrate my Roomba 980 effortlessly, and Google cast just works so well it if the box (I always struggled with cast-web).

I finally redirected my fully kiosk over to my home Assistant dashboard a few days ago. And only have one more piston to rewrite before I uninstall we core. All in I am just blown away by how powerful, stable, and customizable this software is. It’s just unreal after spending so much time over here.

Ultimately, it has been so much fun getting to this point, and I wouldn’t be able to do all this cool crap and impress my wife without learning from you all. Thank you all for contributing to this community and being so willing to share your efforts to help those around you.

Good luck out there, guys.