Finally got the Ecobee3 installed

Hello all,

so after 2 days, about 2 hours on the phone with tech support last night, a few calls for possible rewiring needed, and contacting the preferred ecobee installer and with the over the phone help, I was able to install my ecobee3. BTW, kudos to the contractor whom helped me over the phone, and saved me time and potentially money, as other contractors wanted to charge money before determining what was wrong with my wiring. Anyway, I got the system up and running. What next? Any recommendations on apps to install or features I should be aware of to maximize the use my ecobee? I already added it to ST and GH.


Ecobee has an app on the playstores

Also a skill with Alexa if you have thag

already got that

GH, so no alexa, but already paired to GH

Yes I paired with Google too. Works better in my opinion

Still waiting on my electrician to install mine. I have a 2 wire setup and need to do a bunch of stuff to make it work. I’m getting a bunch of electrical work done in my basement, so I’ll just throw a few dollars to a pro and make sure that it works. He’s throwing some GE z-wave switches in too.
Kind of like I paid an installer to put in my MyQ garage door. It works beautifully.

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Ecobee thought I was going to have to get the handler rewired, but one of their suggested contractors helped me over the phone, and advised that I did not need new wiring. He walked me thru the installation process, and saved me time/money!

They do have a REST API that works fairly well. It’s not local so you’re still at the mercy of their cloud environment but I’ve integrated some API calls into a bunch of household scripts outside of SmartThings. Simple web calls can grab information for dashboards and other scripts, change modes, etc…

Just a thought…

I got mine installed on Tuesday. Works good. Doesn’t work with my Alexa but does work with ST.

However I cannot get Alexa (through ST) to turn it off.

Also the way they handle schedules is silly. You have to go to the website to setup schedules instead of in the app.

I thought I was headed down the same road and even had both Ecobee and my HVAC co look at the system who each gave up on it. Ultimately, the wiring was good, just needed to set T-Stat Fan Control to On (on the Ecobee).

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