Fibaro RGBW Controller underfloor heating

Hello ! I control my underfloor heating via fibaro rgbw controller so for each color a drive. I would like to automate that and would like to be able to control each color separately. Although there is a smart app that can only control the drives in the app together. Thank you

You could send it a hue/saturation level equal to the different channels. I.e:

H - S (assuming 50% lightness)
0° - 100% = 100% R, 0% Blue, 0% Green
120° - 100% = 0% Red, 100% Blue, 0% Green
240° - 100% = 0% Red, 0% Blue, 100% Green

Thank you for your message ! I would like if the water buffer 65 degrees, the floor heating with the power drive with the color red with 100% turn on,
after about 15min the stellenantreib with the color blue, … etc. I would like to link with the room temperature then when about 22 degrees are reached because drive back to zero again.

That I couldn’t tell you…you will probably need WebCore which I do not have much experience with but I’m sure a lot of other people do.